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Shakespeare et les arts de la table

April 30, 2012

Shakespeare et les arts de la table has now been published online here. The collection includes an essay by Johann Gregory (Cardiff University) on “visualising expectations as a matter of taste”, following research in Cardiff University’s Special Collections and Archives (SCOLAR) into Healthy Reading 1590-1690.

‘Arts of the table are not far removed from performing arts. The table is a stage. It has its actors, its backstage, its sets, its props, its rules, its mises en scène, its lighting and musical effects. In English, “boards” can refer both to a table and a stage — either of which can indifferently be designated by “tréteaux” (trestles) in French. The early modern stage abundantly feeds on this spectacular and festive matter….

Ken Albala’s and Gilly Lehmann’s papers are mouth-watering appetizers to this collection. They show the existence of a “culinary style” in Elizabethan times through recipes, ingredients and food metaphors. David B. Goldstein, Johann Gregory and Tobias Döring analyse Shakespeare’s plays through a culinary prism: eating, digesting/bloating and belching. Natalia Brzozowska et Imke Pannen study the perversion of the arts of the table in some bloody banquets. Finally, Joanne Vine’s essay questions the lack of scenes representing eating and drinking in Ben Jonson’s plays for the Children of the Revels, which is particularly uncommon for such a “bon vivant”.’ Read the rest of the foreword here.


Healthy Reading until the end of August

July 27, 2011

From the new SCOLAR BLOG:

Following the success of the 1611 King James Bible anniversary exhibition, SCOLAR launches its first exhibition entirely curated by postgraduate students, as part of the University Graduate College’s Research Students’ Skills Development Programme. In February, Peter Keelan (SCOLAR), Alison Harvey (SCOLAR) and Jane Henderson (SHARE) held an RSSDP workshop on curatorial skills. Following this, three of the attendees volunteered to attend a second workshop, for which they planned, researched, and constructed their own exhibitions using SCOLAR’s facilities and equipment.

The curators used SCOLAR’s rare books and printed sources to visually reflect and explore their research topics. All three students produced meticulously researched exhibitions to a professional standard on their chosen topic. See extracts from Healthy Reading by Johann Gregory (ENCAP), Divine Dimension by Corbett Miteff (JOMEC), and Approaches to Roman Archaeology in Wales by Jennifer Jones (SHARE). The exhibitions will be on display in SCOLAR during July and August 2011.


Find out more here.




Healthy Reading

February 28, 2011

Details and extracts from the SCOLAR Healthy Reading Exhibition are now availble here


Healthy Reading Exhibition: 1590-1690

February 11, 2011




Exhibiting a healthy context for the first publisher’s blurb to a Shakespeare play

“Honey-tongued” Shakespeare may have been known for his “sugred sonnets”, but this exhibition places Shakespeare’s “savoured salt of wit” and the readers’ “wits’ healths” – discussed in the unique 1609  preface to Troilus and Cressida – in the context of some culinary, medical, literary and religious texts published between 1590 and 1690.

Arts and Social Studies Library

In SCOLAR, lower ground floor (until Wed Feb 16th).

Curator: Johann Gregory – with valuable assistance from Alison Harvey (Assistant Archivist) and Peter Keelan (Head of Special Collections and Archives)

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