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Shakespeare: Sources and Adaptation at Cambridge University

September 8, 2011

Alun Thomas (Cardiff University) and Johann Gregory (Cardiff University) will be in Cambridge this weekend to present their paper “Playing with Precedents in Shakespeare: Expectations in Richard III and Troilus and Cressida (abstract below).

Johann Gregory will also be chairing the session on Shakespeare and Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

Historical, theatrical and literary precedents set up audience expectations for those in the know. Many audience members, for example, would be aware while watching a play about Julius Caesar that he was assassinated. Similarly, in Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida, audiences who had read Chaucer would know that Cressida apparently breaks her faith in past versions; if audiences had seen the Admiral’s Men stage Cressida as a leper, then they might expect her to meet a similar fate in the King’s Men’s production too. The tension of expectation is epitomised in Richard III in the figure of Queen Margaret. As some of the audience would know, by the time of the events of the play the real Margaret was dead; the Margaret we see onstage is both an anachronistic and unhistorical character. The first part of this paper engages with the historical expectations which are deliberately unfulfilled in Richard III and examines how the ghostly onstage presence of the dead Margaret unsettles the boundaries of historical drama. The second part addresses literary precedents in Troilus and Cressida, focusing on the figure of Cassandra who – as a prophesier – thinks she knows what is to come; it seeks to draw some conclusions about the relationships in the play between the promise of the characters, audience expectations and the potential for dramatic failure.

They will be speaking as part of the Cambridge Shakespeare conference:

Shakespeare: Sources and Adaptation 

(9-11th September, Cambridge University)


Shakespeare: Sources and Adaptation

March 7, 2011

The conference programme is now available on their website:


9th – 11th September 2011 Cambridge University


John Kerrigan: Wales-Ireland Research Seminar

February 21, 2011

(Monday, 21 February) at 5.15pm in Room 2.03 in the
Humanities Building, Cardiff University

Professor John Kerrigan (Cambridge University), will be giving a lecture
entitled ”’By Ieshu’ and ‘By Crish, La’: Binding Language in Shakespeare’s
Henry V”.

This is a Wales-Ireland Research Seminar/MEMORI joint event.

More info here.


Shakespeare: Sources and Adaptation

October 7, 2010

Shakespeare Sources & Adaptation Conference 

 The British Shakespeare Association is holding its next biennial conference at the University of Cambridge, 9-11 September 2011. The conference aims to bring together academics, theatre and film practitioners and teachers on the subject of Shakespeare: Sources and Adaptation. Speakers and sessions already confirmed include Carol Ann Duffy, Michael Rosen, Professor Helen Cooper, the RSC new writing department and Theatre Royal Bury. Proposals for academic papers and practical and educational workshops are invited on various aspects on the topic of Shakespeare:

Sources and Adaptation, including:

• Beyond Shakespeare Adaptation

• Shakespeare for children and young people

• Shakespeare’s Classical sources

• Shakespeare’s Historical sources

• Shakespeare in Art

• Shakespeare in Music

• Shakespeare on film and television

• Foreign language adaptations of Shakespeare

• Shakespeare’s influence on contemporary playwrights

• Shakespeare in 20th and 21st century fiction

Proposals should be sent by 1 December 2010

Proposals for academic papers: Gabriel Egan, Proposals for practical workshops: Abigail Rokison, Proposals for educational workshops: James Stredder,

Source of info(!)

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