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The Finale to The Adventures of Christopher Marlowe!

February 26, 2015

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The final instalment in Darren Freebury-Jones’ The Adventures of Christopher Marlowe trilogy is now available on Amazon Kindle here.


The Engines of War have a new leader in Richard Bancroft, who sends a team of bloody assassins to Turkey in search of the Quill of Herodotus, an ancient artefact with the power to transcend time itself.

Christopher ‘Kit’ Marlowe travels to London to gain the aid of the famous playwright, William Shakespeare. Together they brave erupting volcanoes, tempests at sea, and the deadly machinations of the mercenary, Aaron Valdes, who has a unique way of butchering his victims…

Marlowe finds himself on the most violent, action-packed mission of his career. But in this instalment, will The Engines of War prove fatal for him?



Now Showing: A Midsummer Night’s Dream at WOW Bar, Cardiff

February 24, 2015


Set in the disco fever of the seventies, this revival of the comedy is fast-moving, and will get you grooving to the sounds of the summer boogie nights. Summer may seem a million miles away but this production will draw you into a dream world of warm summer days, and starry nights where the heady world of the nightclub can make any dream possible. Dazzling and daring, hilarious and vibrant, A Midsummer Night’s Dream offers a spectacular and inspiring interpretation of blind passion, unrequited love, mischief making and meddling. Experience a marriage of Shakespeare’s remarkable language to the disco beat!

Tickets £7 and £5 concessions.
Tickets for both venues are available from the St David’s Hall box office – 029 2087 8444.


A Year in Shakespeare: The Merry Wives of Windsor

February 5, 2015


“This is an odd play to come upon at this point, only three texts into my grand project to read all the works of Shakespeare in a year. In truth, it’s the closest Shakespeare ever came to writing the Renaissance equivalent of a spin-off TV show. The story goes that Queen Elizabeth I was so delighted with Shakespeare’s greatest comic creation, Sir John Falstaff, that when he stomped off the stage at the close of Henry IV Part 2, she demanded the playwright write a sequel, bringing the fat knight to England in the modern day and giving him a love story. In some accounts, she was so impatient she only gave him a fortnight to write the play. Wisely, Shakespeare did as the Queen bid him, but – perhaps wary of the possibility of having to write new episodes of The Falstaff Show until Kingdom Come – promptly killed Falstaff off at the beginning of Henry V. But all of that is a long way in the future – somewhere in June, when I’m out of the comedies and midway through the histories.

In search of an interesting edition to read the play in, I turned to the bookshelves in the postgraduate office, ever an interesting guide to people’s interests and research topics…”


Read more from Thomas Tyrrell (Cardiff University) here.



Act One’s Much Ado in Cardiff this week

February 2, 2015


Much Ado About Nothing

YMCA Theatre, Roath – Wed 04 Feb 2015 19:30 – Sat 07 Feb 2015 22:00

Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps!

Harvest time on a post- World War II farming estate sees the return of Don Pedro and his regiment to pick up the remnants left by their requisition posting. Home to Leonato, his beautiful daughter Hero and feisty niece Beatrice, the estate becomes the setting for one of Shakespeare’s best-loved plays.

Bursting at the seams with comedy, romance and even conflict, this stylish adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing brings the genius of Shakespeare to the run-down glamour and precarious patriarchy of the late 1940s. Amid laughter and tears, we find hope and despair.

Much Ado About Nothing: a surprisingly modern tale of women fighting for their place in a man’s world.

To purchase tickets follow this link:

Please note non students should create a temporary guest account to purchase tickets.


Find out more here


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