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Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens in Cardiff tomorrow at Cineworld

October 31, 2012

‘Simon Russell Beale takes the lead role in this new production of Shakespeare’s tale of conspicuous consumption, debt and ruin. Wealthy and generous to a fault, Athenian gentleman Timon is a bon viveur, a patron of the arts and a personal friend of the rich and powerful. He throws great banquets, supports struggling artists and cares deeply about the welfare of his servants. Naturally, this attracts a retinue of sycophants and freeloaders. But such is Timon’s extravagant munificence that it’s not long before his coffers are empty. Reassuring his loyal steward that all will be well, he appeals to his former associates for help. But each in turn rejects him. Left hanging out to dry, Timon organises a final vengeful banquet before withdrawing to a literal and emotional wasteland. NT Artistic Director Nicholas Hytner’s eagerly anticipated production casts Simon Russell Beale – “the greatest stage actor of his generation” (The Independent) – in the title role.’

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October 31, 2012

L.O.V.E at the Sherman Cymru, Cardiff @Volcano229

October 29, 2012


October 30th-31st

Sherman Cymru, Cardiff

An immoderate Shakespearean ménage à trois, with a touch of Shirley Bassey. It’s about passion, spirit, beauty, jealousy, manipulation, lust.

Three lovers, recalling the poet, the ‘dark lady’ and the ‘lovely boy’, perform the Sonnets, bringing to the texts a vigour, a passion, a tenderness and a desperation to match the extraordinary range and depth of emotion lurking not far below the surface of their elegant verse.

Volcano grapples with one of the greatest collections of classical poetry in English, sweeping aside the dusty academic appreciation that turns thousands of children off poetry for life, in favour of a red-blooded entanglement with texts that are alive with possibility.

L.O.V.E. is a theatrical landmark – a highly-charged and athletic classic that helped define the term ‘physical theatre’. Bringing together Volcano’s Paul Davies and Fern Smith with DV8’s Nigel Charnock and the bold, sumptuous design of Andrew Jones.

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MEMORI: ‘War Horse: Henry V, Churchill and the Pleasures of War’

October 23, 2012

Medieval and Early Modern Research Initiative

Thursday, 25 October

Professor Paul Stevens (University of Toronto)
‘War Horse: Henry V, Churchill and the Pleasures of War’
5.15pm, Room 2.03

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October 22, 2012



13 – 15 June 2013

Papers are invited for a major international, interdisciplinary conference to be held at Senate House, London, June 13-15th, 2013. Coinciding with the 60-year anniversary of the Coronation, this conference will explore the ways in which the ideal of a new (or second) Elizabethan age has been variously defined, promoted, and challenged in Britain and the Commonwealth. Following closely after the London Olympics and Jubilee celebrations, it will also offer a fitting opportunity to explore the ways in which these values continue to present themselves in contemporary definitions of national identity, culture, and character.

In the years surrounding the Coronation of Elizabeth II, British political and cultural life was suffused with a language that both prophesized and idealized the potential for a new Elizabethan era. The self-styled new Elizabethans identified an innate national character in the accomplishments of a vanished age. This age was apparently manifest in “Shakespearean” music, theatre, and poetry — and characterized by imperial expansion and exploration, a clear sense of social hierarchy, a fierce and heroic spirit of patriotic individualism, and the brave resistance of a mighty little people to larger invading forces.

Such constructions inevitably responded to the anxieties and aspirations of a post-war, post-imperial Britain. The new Elizabethans characteristically asserted the latent, continuous presence of the essential spirit of an earlier era, invoking its legacy for the forging of a new, contemporary nation. It is the aim of this conference to explore the informing values and assumptions behind such constructions, to investigate their manifestation in various contexts and forms, and to expose the ways in which they continue to be promoted in contemporary social, cultural, and political definitions of modern identity in relation to Britain and the Commonwealth. To that end, the event will be organized around two complementary themes: “Origins and the New Elizabethan Moment” and “Cultural and Social Legacies: Staging a New Elizabethan Era.”

Papers are invited from a variety of critical and disciplinary perspectives. We particularly encourage contributions from those working in history, literature, politics, religion, music, theatre, film and television, cultural studies, sport, design, and visual art. Ideally, papers will engage with such informing themes as nostalgia, patriotism, heritage, progress, tradition, national character, and/or nation itself.

Confirmed speakers include:

Michael Bogdanov; Edward Bond; Richard Eyre and Michael Hirst
Dr Scott Anthony (History, University of Cambridge)
Professor Arthur Aughey (Politics, University of Ulster)
Professor Stephen Banfield (Music, Bristol University)
Professor Vernon Bogdanor (Institute for Contemporary History, King‟s College London)
Professor Rob Carson (English Literature, William and Hobart Smith)
Professor Becky Conekin (History, Yale University)
Dr Rob Gossedge (English Literature, Cardiff University)
Dr Ankhi Mukherjee (English Literature, University of Oxford)
Professor Helen Phillips (English Literature, Cardiff University)
David Prosser (Stratford Shakespeare Festival of Canada)
Professor Jeffrey Richards (Cultural History, Lancaster University)
Professor Paul Stevens (English Literature, University of Toronto)
Professor Heather Wiebe (Music, University of Virginia)
Professor Richard Wilson (Shakespeare Studies, Kingston University)
Ghislaine Wood (Senior Curator, Victoria and Albert Museum)

Proposals (max. 250 words) for papers of 20 minutes should be sent to the conference organizer, Dr Irene Morra (Cardiff University), at by 15 December 2012.

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October 15, 2012

Medieval and Early Modern Research Initiative

The first talk this semester will be presented by Dr Megan Leitch (Cardiff University):
“‘For treason walketh wonder wyde’: Treason, Truth and Pragmatism in the Literature of the Wars of the Roses, c. 1437-c.1497”

Thursday 18th October, 5.15pm, Room 2.03

Find out more about the ENCAP Research Seminar Programme here.


RSC: Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in Cardiff

October 1, 2012

Tuesday 23 – Saturday 27 October 2012

Evenings 7.30pm
Thursday and Saturday Matinees 2.30pm

The New Theatre, Cardiff

How many times
Shall this our lofty scene be acted o’er
In states unborn and accents yet unknown

The dictator must be assassinated.  But who will replace him?

The RSC’s critically acclaimed production of Shakespeare’s great political thriller finds dark contemporary echoes in modern Africa, directed by RSC Artistic Director Designate Gregory Doran.

Originally created as part of the World Shakespeare Festival, this new production featuring Paterson Joseph as Brutus, Cyril Nri as Cassius, Ray Fearon as Mark Antony and Jeffery Kissoon as Caesar, comes to Cardiff as part of a national tour following runs in Stratford-upon-Avon and London’s West End.


For Tuesday – Friday 7.30pm performances in Stalls A-S and Circle A-M only: £3.50 off for Parties of 8 or more, Children, Students, Over 60s, Unemployed People, Disabled People and one Companion each, Claimants.

School Parties: £8.00 each for Wednesday & Thursday performances – supervising teachers free (1 teacher for every 10 students)

Student Special: For any evening performance (except Saturday) £5.00 each from 6.00pm onwards

Find out more here:

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